MRO stock inventory is constantly monitored and to achieve optimization we insure level stock is always available to minimize downtime and repair.

Our goal is to Minimize Risk, Maximize Uptime with Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) Inventory Control

Having the right critical spares and materials available when needed, to perform both planned and unplanned maintenance, is essential to reliability and safety.

However a variety of factors make accomplishing this goal extremely difficult, sheer volume of items, diversity of equipment, varying levels of criticality, inconsistent lead times, slow and lumpy demand history, consideration of upcoming projects and the time required to gather and organize essential data for decision making.

We aim to supply all parts within our MRO contracts in less than (24) business hours from warehouse to customer site. Stock is kept in our Basra and Erbil warehouse.

NPSC insures MRO optimization of critical and non-critical MRO inventory spares and consumables, along with the elements of an ideal inventory optimization system.